“PandaMafia — is a social test on the Polygon chain, which is mostly neighborly”


Blockchain is a way of recording information with an end goal that makes it problematic or difficult to change, hack or trick a system. Blockchain is essentially a high-level record of transactions that is duplicated and transmitted across the entire association of computer systems on the blockchain. The blockchain has all the hallmarks of bewilderment, and of course it could be, but its middle thought is in fact straightforward.

Blockchain is a kind of information collection. To be able to evaluate blockchain, one must first understand what a database is. An information collection is a collection of information stored electronically on a PC structure. Information, or data, in information collections is usually coordinated in tables for easier retrieval and filtering of unambiguous information.

The Polygon Chain is the Ethereum token that powers the Polygon Network, a multi-chain scalable answer for Ethereum. Polygon hopes to enable faster and more affordable transactions on Ethereum using Tier 2 sidechains, which are blockchains that emerged later than the Ethereum main chain. Clients can store Ethereum tokens in a Polygon associate splendid arrangement, work with them inside the Polygon sidechain, and after a while, if necessary, bring them back to the standard Ethereum chain. The MATIC token is used to pay trading fees and participate in proof of-stake.

Panda Mafia Project

$ Panda is a certified memecoin community working on the Polygon chain and run by the energetic social class Panda Mafia! We are on a course to become arguably the most accepted endeavors on the Polygon Chain. Crippled pictures and gifs, neighborhood and creation with the power of their own people.

Everyone knows and loves Panda, the cutest teddy bear who has gone into the swarm from today, the daze never stops. The Pandamafia bunch comes from a wide variety of institutions and chose to take part in this outing to provide a safe and fun event for cash backers. The dispatch is done from the Mystery Matic Mission package, which reliably performs the sending of safu secrets.

Computerized Cash drives the Polygon Chain, which, believe it or not, is one part of the Ethereum Association. Fundamental and secure blockchain. It works fast with fairly low trading fees. Tracking and clear history of all transactions within the association.

Features of this project

PandaMafia is a social test on the Polygon chain, which is mostly neighborly. With 10% of the value going to LP and 1% yield, liquidity and prizes will go hand in hand.

  • Instan Yield
  • Out of 11% of the valuation per trade, 1% will go as the second reward to the holders. Ensure storage safety.
  • LP Acquisition
  • 10% of the value goes to liquidity to ensure consistency during adjustments and when the whales are selling huge positions.
  • Community The
  • social class will be the foundation of the endeavor, they will choose the direction of the endeavor and future new developments.
  • Marketing and Development
  • Most of the incremental liquidity will be used for promotion / progression.

Additional Information

● Website: https://pandamafia.finance/

● Twitter: https://twitter.com/PandaMafiaDefi?s=09

● Telegram: https://t.me/pandamafiamatic

● Medium: https://medium.com/ @pandamafiapolygon

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